AC Installation Tips

Properly installing a home air conditioner is not an easy task because installing an air conditioner can determine the quality of coldness and durability of the air conditioner. Therefore, for those of you who want to install air conditioning in your room, consider tips on installing a home air conditioner properly to make your air conditioner more durable and cool. When will you deal with aircon installation singapore?

Tips to install the first home air conditioning is the first position of indoor unit must be located at least 15 cm from the roof is intended for better air circulation because the air blown by the indoor unit is sucked from the top and front of the indoor unit so if the top covered roof will greatly reduce the quality cooling. Then take note of the installation of indoor unit is the goods located underneath, do not install the indoor unit under the source of electricity, electronic equipment, computers, and tools that should not be exposed to water is done to anticipate if the AC room in dirty condition and water will drip from the indoor unit.

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