How to treat your trees with care and without worry

Many of us believe that trees are part of nature and require no maintenance or maintenance. While this may be true of trees deep in the forest, the tree with our civilized society we are confronted with abundant external influences. Trees that have recognized the damage from human disturbance or environmental forces can fail and become a safety hazard to humans, cars and buildings. Proper planting, Mansfield tree company near me maintenance can prevent trees from becoming dangerous in many cases. Here we discuss some preventable circumstances that can cause a tree to become dangerous:

Even with the best intentions, people without tree care knowledge and experience can cause more harm than good when planting trees. Some common mistakes include cropping in the wrong season or soil conditions, improper hole depth and planting too close to buildings, sidewalks or other structures. When a tree is planted, the adult size is anticipated as well as the pavement location, driveways, buildings, power lines and future obstructions should be considered.

While any effort to preserve your tree will be appreciated, there are potential dangers associated with do-it-yourself treatment of trees. Although Mansfield tree company near me may seem like an innocent enough effort, inappropriate pruning can lead to tree diseases and death. Trimming flush branches with stems and using wound paints are two common mistakes, both of which stem from a widespread misunderstanding of proper pruning techniques. Topping, or removing part of the tree canopy, is another error that can cause illness and damage. Mansfield tree company near me agree that toppings interfere with the health of trees and make them more likely to be a danger.

The close proximity of existing trees is a major threat to the health of trees and may cause it to be dangerous. The damage may come from building new structures, digging for line utilities or adding roads or driveways, to name a few. Damage to the tree itself or its roots and changes to the ground caused by construction may result in the death of the tree. Trees can be subject to damage that causes them to become dangerous even in cases when symptoms are not immediately apparent. Trees that may have been damaged should be inspected by certified tree experts so that potential hazards can be identified and addressed.

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