Simple makeup tips for your lips and cheeks

The blush on is not only created to color the cheeks only, you know, but also to reinforce the cheekbone. How to use the correct makeup, especially in wearing a blush on, on the cheeks is for the oval face wipe blush on the cheekbones the highest, while the round face owner can apply blush on from the lower cheekbones to the top. For a natural makeup look, use blush on pink, orange, and red brick. Apart from that, you might also want to take a look at the Hollywood Mirror, especially if you want to have a professional-looking makeup mirror just like the ones in the movie studios.

Color Lipstick with Lipstick

Finally, color your lips with lipstick. There are various types of lipstick that you can choose at will. You can choose the type and color of lipstick in accordance with your will. A little advice, if you want a longer lipstick and do not easily fade for hours, choose matte lipstick.

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