God of War: High-risk changes with high rewards for Sony Santa Monica

Sony Santa Monica did take so many risky changes with it, from the side of the story, mythology, gameplay, to the camera system. As a gamer who was skeptical at the beginning, we welcome this variety of changes with open arms. That what Sony Santa Monica has to offer here is not just an attempt to revitalize a franchise that surprisingly, has a chance to live again, but continues the story of an iconic character who has an emotional bond with his fans. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the best 13 inch gaming laptops online that you may want to buy.

The Amazing Plot unlike its previous games

This new God of War is not a reboot series, it’s a direct sequel to God of War 3. We’re still dealing with the Kratos figure we’ve known but started living a different life. He lives in Scandinavia, standing under Norse mythology, along with a happy family. But unfortunately, the tragedy seems unable to escape the figure of Kratos.

It opens with a sad fact that Kratos has lost a wife he loves, and Atreus no longer has a mother figure. Preparing for his funeral by going through the cremation process, the woman they loved had one last request – to show his ashes at the highest peak of the Norse. A journey that is of course, not easy.

Kratos must first train Atreus who despite having the ability to hunt from the mother, but not yet quite responsive about what threats are waiting for them. Still small and unstable, Atreus still needs a lot of learning. Kratos initially saw that he had to give long time for Atreus to grow. But the situation immediately changed, when a mysterious man knocked on their door. From there Kratos knows and understands one thing – that there is no longer a more appropriate moment to fulfill his wife’s request while ensuring Atreus is safe.

So, what kind of journey Kratos explore the wild world to arrive at the highest peak? What adventure should he go with Atreus? Who is this mysterious man who knocked on Kratos’s door? All the answers to that question can be found by playing God of War.