Two Basic Types of Foundation for Different Types of Building

To build a house or building, the first thing to note is to build the foundation concrete crack repair. The higher the building, the built foundation must be stronger. Especially when you build in an area with often shifting or unstable ground. So the foundation construction must be strong. If you have foundation damage, you should contact the special concrete crack pair to fix the foundation of the house. Because the foundation structure is different from the walls of the house, so it requires some tricks.

Broadly speaking, the foundation is divided into two types, namely shallow and deep foundations. The shallow foundation is usually made close to the ground surface, generally, the foundation depth is less than 1/3 of the width of the foundation to a depth of fewer than 9 feet. Meanwhile, the deep foundation is the foundation of a ground surface with a certain depth in which the base carrying capacity is affected by structural load and soil surface conditions, the internal foundation is usually installed at depths of more than 9 feet below ground level.

A shallow foundation difference with an inner foundation is a shallow foundation commonly used when the surface soil is strong enough and rigid to support the applied load where the type of structure it supports is not too heavy nor too high, shallow foundations are generally unsuitable in compressive soil that is weak or very bad, such as poorly dug soils, shallow foundations are also unsuitable for peat soil types, young soil layers and soil types of alluvial deposits, and others.

Meanwhile, the deep foundation can be found in the form of pile foundation or pile wall. The deep foundation can be used to move the load to a deeper layer to reach a certain depth, to obtain the type of soil that supports the load of the building structure. So that unsuitable soil type on the surface can be avoided.

Determination of shallow and deep foundation is very important to build a building, whether only a simple house with one floor only or want to build apartments with a considerable level.

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